But what about fire ants?

24 05 2010

As odd as it may sound to ask the guy spraying for mosquitos, this has been a common question that many of my customers have asked me about, so I did a little investigation both from the provider of our garlic product and through personal experimentation (which I am a big fan of since I tend to be a bit skeptical).  Both sources have led me to believe that our Mosquito Barrier product is quite effective at eliminating fire ants from your yard.

Fire ants are common pests to most lawns in the South

Here is a link to the write up that our product provider has about the use of Mosquito Barrier upon fire ants.

When I personally sprayed fire ant hills with my fogger or poured product directly onto the fire ant hills, the ants immediately became very agitated and poured out of the mounds.  Upon returning later to see if there were any remaining ants, I was not able to find any at all.

I know try to keep an eye out in the yards of my customers for ant hills as well, because I know that sometimes fire ants can be just as frustrating as mosquitos when it comes to enjoying being outside in one’s yard.

Marc LeDuc


The Buzz about Bees

19 05 2010

Honey bee pollinating a flower

Many people worry about spraying their yards against harmful insects like mosquitoes, because they have heard that these sprays also kill or chase away helpful insects like butterflies and especially bees.  This is troublesome for people who have a lot of flowers, vegetable gardens or fruit trees, since bees are the main source of pollination for these plants.  This means less flowers, fruits, and vegetables in the long run.

Click here to learn more about the importance of bee pollination.

This fear is not unfounded, since most chemical sprays do effect bee populations in your yards.  However, Mosquito Squad’s barrier spray is an all natural organic product that doesn’t harm or scare away bees.  As a new employee with Mosquito Squad, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about this claim, so the other day I decided to test the product on a grouping of bees that I saw.  I sprayed our fogger on high directly on the bees for at least 15-20 seconds, which is normally overkill for any mosquitoes, flies, ticks, or fleas (which I am trying to kill).  Nothing happened!  They didn’t drop dead, and they didn’t even fly away.  They stayed busy with their work as if nothing had ever happened!

Let’s just say that I am a believer now in the safety of this product for the populations of bees in Athens, Lake Oconee, Aiken, and North Augusta.  If you are a lover of flowers, vegetable gardens, or fruit trees AND want to rid yourself of mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, then Mosquito Squad and our all natural organic product should be your first choice to enhance your outdoor living.

Marc LeDuc

We’ve Just Arrived!

3 05 2010

Mosquito Squad has just arrived in the Athens/Lake Oconee and Aiken/North Augusta areas.  You might have seen our truck or our signs around town and have been wondering what we are all about.

Mosquito Squad features an ALL NATURAL product that is made 99% out of garlic, whereas most of the other mosquito exterminators use chemicals to kill mosquitos.  Our product is completely safe for children and pets to be in the yard, and it only leaves a slight garlic smell for a couple of hours after application.

Our most popular option is a yearly barrier spray that kills mosquitos, gnats, ticks, and fleas on contact during application of the spray, and then it provides a barrier of two weeks that detracts future pests from wanting to enter your yard.  This barrier is created since insects have a sense of smell that is 10,000 times stronger than ours, and the garlic that is left on plants drives these pests to other yards.

Our yearly spray option involves us spraying your yard every two weeks to kill any new mosquitos and to maintain the barrier of previous sprays.  This option would include for 14 total sprays for only $795.

Call us now at 877-935-2847 to set up your first spray!  Our product is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and we will give you a full refund if you don’t believe that the barrier spray is effective.

Marc LeDuc