I don’t normally like math…

29 07 2010

Normally I try to avoid math as much as possible, because it is tedious and doesn’t seem that interesting.  Mosquito math, though, is actually quite eye catching, so I thought that I would share it with you the reproductive power of one female mosquito.
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Do other mosquito options work?

22 07 2010

As I have stated in earlier posts, I am not a big fan of insect repellents that I have to spray or rub on myself, since most of them leave me sticky, stinky, or both.  Other people have suggested to me to use other options, though, like citronella candles and mosquito traps, so I have been trying to do some research on these items.

Citronella candles need a lot of smoke to repel mosquitoes

From what I have been able to read on other blogs and product specifications, citronella candles are not effective over large areas.  The key to the candles is the amount of smoke produced, because this is what repels mosquitoes.  Many of the newer candles, in an effort to smell better, actually produce less smoke and are less effective.  Many people in blogs state that the effectiveness of these candles is less than 3 feet oftentimes.

Mosquito traps have a limited range of effectiveness

Mosquito traps are an even bigger question mark.  I have read of a few people who have had great success with them, but there are many more who have tried to get their money back from the companies (especially since most models cost $300 and up)! Even the people that saw success, however, only saw an effectiveness of about 30 feet.  This means that my yard would need 3 or 4 of these traps to cover it all.  Yikes!  And that doesn’t even cover the expense of filling the trap with propane and attractants every month.

Right now, our Mosquito Squad franchise is offering to spray your yard every 2 weeks for $50 a spray, since the mosquito season is halfway over.  Unfortunately, if you are struggling with mosquitoes, there is still 3 more months to go before they hibernate for the winter.

Marc LeDuc

Mosquitoes: Living it up in the heat

19 07 2010

As the seemingly hot month of June turned into the scorching heat of July, many people have declared that they have not seen as many mosquitoes.  You want to probably know why?  It is because people don’t want to spend time outside when it is 95 degrees in the shade.  So it is pretty simple, if you are not outside, then you are not likely to see mosquitoes.

The life cycle of many mosquitoes speeds up with hotter weather.

The fact of the matter is, though, that several species of mosquitoes actually breed faster when there is more heat, even if there is not as much water.  This means that there is a much greater mosquito population being born.  Like I just stated, this doesn’t bother most people now, since they are more likely to be in their air conditioning.  However, when it cools down in a few months (September and October) people will begin to brave going outdoors again for hamburgers on the grill, and what will they find – quite possibly a burgeoning mosquito population.

Bites will be coming fast and furious, because the mosquitoes in your yard have been multiplying like crazy while we have been indoors.  This is why I would possibly suggest trying to secure a solution for eliminating your mosquito problem before you actually want to enjoy your yard in order that you won’t be caught napping, because at a whopping 300 eggs per birth cycle your mosquito population is wide awake!

Marc LeDuc

Who hates mosquito repellent?

15 07 2010

I for one totally hate spraying myself down with mosquito repellent and feeling sticky and smelly while I am trying to enjoy the outdoors, but oftentimes it seems like the only option.  Here at Mosquito Squad we are trying to eliminate the need for spraying yourself by spraying your yard.  This way you don’t have to feel like this cartoon that I found the other day.

I think many of you can empathize with this picture.

This is a link to another blogger who hates mosquitoes like us at Mosquito Squad, and he has a great viewpoint about how he deals with them in his life.  He has some possible ideas for natural mosquito repellents.

Also, here is a link to a website that lists 7 natural mosquito repellents that have some of the best customer reviews.

Marc LeDuc,

A defined mosquito barrier is a reality

15 07 2010

Many people wonder how effective our mosquito spraying will be if their neighbors have a lot of mosquitoes as well.  The conversation goes something like this.

Customer: “I know your spray kills the mosquitoes in my yard, but my neighbors have mosquito problems too and they aren’t spraying to kill their mosquitoes.


Customer: “”I know your spray kills the mosquitoes in my yard, but there is a large creek or pond in the woods behind my house that isn’t being sprayed.

Well, the answer to their question is always that our all natural product produces a barrier that mosquitoes from outside of your property do not want to penetrate.  There are plenty of other better options for them to fly to than your yard.

It's not quite the great wall of China, but our barrier works pretty well.

Now, though, I have a pretty cool example to share with you of how our mosquito control spray creates a barrier around your yard.  There is a yard in Aiken, SC that I have been spraying for a solid month and a half, and this customer has never had any complaints about mosquitoes reappearing after I have sprayed.  However, this last weekend he cut down a lot of small trees, bushes and weeds in the back of his property that he never had me spraying before.  He succeeded in expanding his usable landscape, but he also succeeded in being attacked by mosquitoes.  This customer said that he sees no evidence of mosquitoes in the part of his yard that I have regularly sprayed, but when he goes into this new section of his yard, he gets eaten very quickly.

The reality that he is experiencing is that there is a mosquito barrier now that is splitting his backyard in half.  I sprayed this new section of his yard July 13th, and he hasn’t had any problems since then.  The barrier has been moved back farther and thus the mosquitoes have been pushed back farther.

Marc LeDuc