Mosquitoes: Living it up in the heat

19 07 2010

As the seemingly hot month of June turned into the scorching heat of July, many people have declared that they have not seen as many mosquitoes.  You want to probably know why?  It is because people don’t want to spend time outside when it is 95 degrees in the shade.  So it is pretty simple, if you are not outside, then you are not likely to see mosquitoes.

The life cycle of many mosquitoes speeds up with hotter weather.

The fact of the matter is, though, that several species of mosquitoes actually breed faster when there is more heat, even if there is not as much water.  This means that there is a much greater mosquito population being born.  Like I just stated, this doesn’t bother most people now, since they are more likely to be in their air conditioning.  However, when it cools down in a few months (September and October) people will begin to brave going outdoors again for hamburgers on the grill, and what will they find – quite possibly a burgeoning mosquito population.

Bites will be coming fast and furious, because the mosquitoes in your yard have been multiplying like crazy while we have been indoors.  This is why I would possibly suggest trying to secure a solution for eliminating your mosquito problem before you actually want to enjoy your yard in order that you won’t be caught napping, because at a whopping 300 eggs per birth cycle your mosquito population is wide awake!

Marc LeDuc




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