What about carpenter bees?

4 08 2010

Oftentimes our mosquito barrier spray works so well at killing mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks that customers begin asking whether our product works on other pests as well.  One of the big questions we get in the south is if our spray might kill or deter carpenter bees, since these critters have a real potential for damaging people’s houses.

Unfortunately, our product can not help with carpenter bees, because it was specifically designed to not harm bees in order that it might be a quality product for people interested in vegetable or flower gardens.  These people really want bees to pollinate their flowers and vegetables, and so killing them or driving them away would be a huge detractor for many of our customers. Yes, this means that our product isn’t an all encompassing wonder spray for all pests, but it is really good at doing what it was designed to do – killing mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks while keeping good insects like bees and butterflies alive.

Better looking, more expensive bee trap

If you are reading this blog, though, and do have a carpenter bee problem, one product that I have researched and heard a lot of good things about (though I haven’t ever used it myself) is the Carpenter Bee Chamber. It is a bee trap that you place over existing carpenter bee holes, while not diminishing the appearance of the exterior of your house.

More noticeable, less expensive bee trap

If you are not as concerned with the exterior appearance, then this is a different bee trap that is about half the price. This trap hangs from your house like a bird house, or you can nail it into a section of your fascia that is being infested with carpenter bees.  This trap definitely looks a little more like a build-it-yourself trap, but the customer reviews on this product have been good on many different sites and blogs that I was able to google.

Marc LeDuc




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