Are you taking the bite out of your events?

13 09 2010

One option that we provide that many people don’t think about is spraying to rid your yard of mosquitoes before any special events that you might be hosting.  Birthdays, weddings, baby showers, etc… are things that are often enjoyed outside during the months of September and October because of the milder temperatures. However, mosquitoes are only more than eager to take advantage of these opportunities to prey on your guests.

Mosquitoes are often unwanted guests

We have one customer who is holding her daughter’s wedding at her house in early October, and she has already started spraying her yard ahead of time.  She wants to make sure that she is controlling her mosquito population well in advance of the wedding.  What’s her reasoning in this? She told me that earlier this year she was at an outdoor wedding and the mosquitoes were so bad that nobody wanted to stay for the reception.  She said that she would be crushed if she would work so hard to prepare the perfect outdoor reception and then had no guests to enjoy it simply because of mosquitoes. The success of her daughter’s wedding and reception more than outweighs the cost of the spray in her mind, and she is even able to enjoy preparing the yard before the wedding without being bit by mosquitoes.

We know that you want your guests to be focused on enjoying themselves and not protecting themselves from mosquitoes, so let us spray your yard a couple of days before your event.

Marc LeDuc