Does this work as a deer repellent?

5 08 2010

This is a question that many customers have asked us, as they feel like they have seen a lot less deer in their yards, and we are working feverishly to try to definitively answer this important question.  Originally, we kept telling people that it isn’t rated as being able to repel deer, but then we discovered in the fine print of our gallon jugs of concentrated garlic that it repels deer.  Now before you run to the phone and call us up as a guaranteed fix for getting rid of deer, let me give you a few helpful thoughts.

Hostas are like candy to foraging deer

  1. We don’t know how effective this product is as a deer repellent and whether it completely works every time.
  2. We have sprayed around our office property that backs up to 400 acres of woods.  It would not be unusual to see 7-8 deer a day, but we haven’t seen any deer since we started spraying for mosquitoes.
  3. We are testing with corn and hostas (a plant deer love) currently to see whether the deer will be deterred from even going after things that they love.
  4. If our before mentioned tests prove that the mosquito barrier spray is highly effective at repelling deer, then we will probably create an option to spray your yard all year round to keep deer at bay even when mosquito season ends.
  5. Our spray if effective would be MUCH cheaper than the other deer repellents that are on the market like liquid fence deer repellent.

Hopefully I’ll be able to write soon about some good news for all of you who have problems with deer eating your landscaping.  We are very excited about our tests and the potential to help you enjoy your yard all year long!

Marc LeDuc,