But what about fire ants?

24 05 2010

As odd as it may sound to ask the guy spraying for mosquitos, this has been a common question that many of my customers have asked me about, so I did a little investigation both from the provider of our garlic product and through personal experimentation (which I am a big fan of since I tend to be a bit skeptical).  Both sources have led me to believe that our Mosquito Barrier product is quite effective at eliminating fire ants from your yard.

Fire ants are common pests to most lawns in the South

Here is a link to the write up that our product provider has about the use of Mosquito Barrier upon fire ants.

When I personally sprayed fire ant hills with my fogger or poured product directly onto the fire ant hills, the ants immediately became very agitated and poured out of the mounds.  Upon returning later to see if there were any remaining ants, I was not able to find any at all.

I know try to keep an eye out in the yards of my customers for ant hills as well, because I know that sometimes fire ants can be just as frustrating as mosquitos when it comes to enjoying being outside in one’s yard.

Marc LeDuc