More rain = More mosquitoes

31 08 2010

It is interesting to note that even the local newspaper is writing stories now about the rise in mosquito populations this year in comparison to last year. (Click here for the article) They even quote a mosquito control manager as saying that it is up to 30% worse this year!

Heavy rains this year has been cited as the main reason for the increase in mosquito populations, as standing water is the easiest place for mosquitoes to breed.  Generally 4-7 days after a rain, mosquitoes are ready to hatch and attack  your yard.

On another note, in case you read the newspaper article including the comments at the bottom, you might have noticed that one reader did not approve of Mosquito Squad’s use of garlic to repel mosquitoes.  This reader says that they would like to have mosquitoes killed and not just repelled into their neighbor’s yards.  This does seem like a very understandable desire, but ultimately this reader just doesn’t know enough about our spray.

Our mosquito barrier garlic spray DOES kill the mosquitoes that are in a person’s yard during the spray by suffocating them.  The only mosquitoes that are repelled are the mosquitoes that are currently in the neighbor’s yards.  Our barrier spray causes the NEIGHBOR’S mosquitoes to not want to enter into a customer’s yard, so the neighbor is simply left with the same problem that he had before we ever sprayed – his own mosquito population.  Our spray just keeps the neighbor’s mosquitoes from entering the newly mosquito free yard of our customer.

Marc LeDuc


Do other mosquito options work?

22 07 2010

As I have stated in earlier posts, I am not a big fan of insect repellents that I have to spray or rub on myself, since most of them leave me sticky, stinky, or both.  Other people have suggested to me to use other options, though, like citronella candles and mosquito traps, so I have been trying to do some research on these items.

Citronella candles need a lot of smoke to repel mosquitoes

From what I have been able to read on other blogs and product specifications, citronella candles are not effective over large areas.  The key to the candles is the amount of smoke produced, because this is what repels mosquitoes.  Many of the newer candles, in an effort to smell better, actually produce less smoke and are less effective.  Many people in blogs state that the effectiveness of these candles is less than 3 feet oftentimes.

Mosquito traps have a limited range of effectiveness

Mosquito traps are an even bigger question mark.  I have read of a few people who have had great success with them, but there are many more who have tried to get their money back from the companies (especially since most models cost $300 and up)! Even the people that saw success, however, only saw an effectiveness of about 30 feet.  This means that my yard would need 3 or 4 of these traps to cover it all.  Yikes!  And that doesn’t even cover the expense of filling the trap with propane and attractants every month.

Right now, our Mosquito Squad franchise is offering to spray your yard every 2 weeks for $50 a spray, since the mosquito season is halfway over.  Unfortunately, if you are struggling with mosquitoes, there is still 3 more months to go before they hibernate for the winter.

Marc LeDuc

Who hates mosquito repellent?

15 07 2010

I for one totally hate spraying myself down with mosquito repellent and feeling sticky and smelly while I am trying to enjoy the outdoors, but oftentimes it seems like the only option.  Here at Mosquito Squad we are trying to eliminate the need for spraying yourself by spraying your yard.  This way you don’t have to feel like this cartoon that I found the other day.

I think many of you can empathize with this picture.

This is a link to another blogger who hates mosquitoes like us at Mosquito Squad, and he has a great viewpoint about how he deals with them in his life.  He has some possible ideas for natural mosquito repellents.

Also, here is a link to a website that lists 7 natural mosquito repellents that have some of the best customer reviews.

Marc LeDuc,