Our Services

All Natural Solution for your Pests

Our Services

We want to provide you with the service that best meets your needs, so Mosquito Squad has three great options for you, all of which use an eco-friendly, all natural, and organic product that is guaranteed to rid you of your mosquitos, ticks, and fleas.  Call us at 1-877-935-2847 for help in discovering which option is best for you and be on your way to reclaiming your yard from these pests.

Barrier Sprays

The choice of most people!

We spray an all natural organic product every 14 days that has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy or your money will be fully refunded.  The spray kills mosquitos, ticks, and fleas on contact while also creating a barrier around your yard that detracts other pests from entering your yard. This barrier is produced by the main ingredient in our product – garlic.  Our all natural spray is 99.3% garlic, and pests are 10,000 times more sensitive to the smell than humans.  Thus, mosquitos are driven away from your yard by garlic that only they can smell, leaving you to enjoy your yard in comfort.  Your neighbors might need to beware, though, as THEY may see an increase in mosquitos in their yard as they are fleeing from your yard!

Misting Systems

Our misting system works more effectively than our barrier sprays, as it kills or repels up to 95% of all mosquitos, ticks, and fleas in your yard, while still using an all natural organic product that is harmless to your kids, pets, and plants.  The system is  automatically filled, serviced and winterized by Mosquito Squad so you never need to lift a finger.

Each Automatic Misting System is comprised of:

  • Reservoir / Motor / Digital Timer: A 55 gallon reservoir holds and operates the treatment solution, while a digital timer is set to automatically spray your yard and house 3 times a day for 30 seconds.  There is also a remote control that allows you to skip a spray or add an extra one as needed
  • Nylon Tubing: Abrasive-tolerant, 1/4 inch black or white nylon tubing is placed inconspicuously throughout the area to be protected.  The tubing may be buried or be attached to trees, fences or walls.  Natural areas are protected with special small stakes.
  • Nozzles: Strategically placed nozzles are crafted of nickel-plated stainless steel, which prevents corrosion and ensures lasting comfort.

Special Event Sprays

Perfect for your garden parties, birthdays, weddings, or baby showers,  we spray your event location to ensure a comfortable environment for you and your guests. We can service any location from your home to a lakefront property to remove the worry of pests on your special day!


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