Who hates mosquito repellent?

15 07 2010

I for one totally hate spraying myself down with mosquito repellent and feeling sticky and smelly while I am trying to enjoy the outdoors, but oftentimes it seems like the only option.  Here at Mosquito Squad we are trying to eliminate the need for spraying yourself by spraying your yard.  This way you don’t have to feel like this cartoon that I found the other day.

I think many of you can empathize with this picture.

This is a link to another blogger who hates mosquitoes like us at Mosquito Squad, and he has a great viewpoint about how he deals with them in his life.  He has some possible ideas for natural mosquito repellents.

Also, here is a link to a website that lists 7 natural mosquito repellents that have some of the best customer reviews.

Marc LeDuc,


A defined mosquito barrier is a reality

15 07 2010

Many people wonder how effective our mosquito spraying will be if their neighbors have a lot of mosquitoes as well.  The conversation goes something like this.

Customer: “I know your spray kills the mosquitoes in my yard, but my neighbors have mosquito problems too and they aren’t spraying to kill their mosquitoes.


Customer: “”I know your spray kills the mosquitoes in my yard, but there is a large creek or pond in the woods behind my house that isn’t being sprayed.

Well, the answer to their question is always that our all natural product produces a barrier that mosquitoes from outside of your property do not want to penetrate.  There are plenty of other better options for them to fly to than your yard.

It's not quite the great wall of China, but our barrier works pretty well.

Now, though, I have a pretty cool example to share with you of how our mosquito control spray creates a barrier around your yard.  There is a yard in Aiken, SC that I have been spraying for a solid month and a half, and this customer has never had any complaints about mosquitoes reappearing after I have sprayed.  However, this last weekend he cut down a lot of small trees, bushes and weeds in the back of his property that he never had me spraying before.  He succeeded in expanding his usable landscape, but he also succeeded in being attacked by mosquitoes.  This customer said that he sees no evidence of mosquitoes in the part of his yard that I have regularly sprayed, but when he goes into this new section of his yard, he gets eaten very quickly.

The reality that he is experiencing is that there is a mosquito barrier now that is splitting his backyard in half.  I sprayed this new section of his yard July 13th, and he hasn’t had any problems since then.  The barrier has been moved back farther and thus the mosquitoes have been pushed back farther.

Marc LeDuc

Do I use Mosquito Squad?

24 06 2010

Oftentimes people naturally ask me whether or not I use Mosquito Barrier at my house to keep my own yard free of mosquitoes.  Up until about a week ago, I would have to somewhat embarrassingly reply that I didn’t use it.  I was telling my boss about this, and so he just told me to start spraying my house regularly when I have extra product at the end of the work day.

Providing fun for my little friends!

This was super exciting for me, because my yard has been full of mosquitoes for several months now.  The mosquitoes have been particularly troublesome to my wife and I, since we love have kids at our new house for sleepovers and they were just getting bit up all over whenever they would be outside. Needless to say, we didn’t feel like great hosts when these children were getting attacked by mosquitoes so much at our house.

The point of this whole post, though, is that I sprayed my yard last week before our latest sleepover with five boys from ages 4-7, and we played tag in the sprinkler system, had a crab apple fight, and ate hot dogs and popsicles outside without anyone complaining about mosquitoes.  It was tons of fun, and that is what Mosquito Squad is all about – giving people their lives back!

Marc LeDuc

More good vibes…

23 06 2010

The more and more that I am spraying yards this mosquito season, the more good reports that I am receiving.  People’s yards are being reclaimed one by one, as they are being freed up from the annoyance of mosquitoes in their yard.  All the while, I am coming to realize something new – most people don’t worry about potential diseases that mosquitoes or ticks carry, but instead, they call me because their fun is being impeded.

Take the woman in Aiken that I was spraying the other week for example, as she was so excited about the results of our mosquito barrier spray since she said that it was the first time that she was able to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening with her husband in their backyard.  Mosquitoes HAD being keeping them from enjoying life to the full, but now she believes she has found the solution.  Just another successful story, and each satisfied customer makes me a little more excited about spraying the next yard in hopes that another family is moved forward in their enjoyment of life.

Marc LeDuc

I’m not the only cured skeptic…

9 06 2010

If you have read any of my previous posts, you would know that by nature I tend to doubt the effectiveness of things until they are proven to me.  Mosquito Squad has been no different for me.  I have doubted many of the abilities of our product only to be corrected in my beliefs.

Now there is one less person worried about going outside

Well, the other day I was spraying a yard for the 2nd time at Clark’s Hill Lake (Lake Thurmond), and I got into a conversation with the homeowner.  She was expressing to me how surprised she was that our product worked so well.  She said, “I didn’t think that spraying some stuff into the air would really work on my pest problem, but I am pleasantly surprised.”  She has

now signed on for our seasonal spray program, and she has told me to keep one of our Mosquito Squad yard signs in her front yard at all times since she has been so pleased with our product.

There is now one less skeptic about Mosquito Squad in the world, and simultaneously it is one more person enjoying their yard to the fullest!

Marc LeDuc

But what about fire ants?

24 05 2010

As odd as it may sound to ask the guy spraying for mosquitos, this has been a common question that many of my customers have asked me about, so I did a little investigation both from the provider of our garlic product and through personal experimentation (which I am a big fan of since I tend to be a bit skeptical).  Both sources have led me to believe that our Mosquito Barrier product is quite effective at eliminating fire ants from your yard.

Fire ants are common pests to most lawns in the South

Here is a link to the write up that our product provider has about the use of Mosquito Barrier upon fire ants.

When I personally sprayed fire ant hills with my fogger or poured product directly onto the fire ant hills, the ants immediately became very agitated and poured out of the mounds.  Upon returning later to see if there were any remaining ants, I was not able to find any at all.

I know try to keep an eye out in the yards of my customers for ant hills as well, because I know that sometimes fire ants can be just as frustrating as mosquitos when it comes to enjoying being outside in one’s yard.

Marc LeDuc

The Buzz about Bees

19 05 2010

Honey bee pollinating a flower

Many people worry about spraying their yards against harmful insects like mosquitoes, because they have heard that these sprays also kill or chase away helpful insects like butterflies and especially bees.  This is troublesome for people who have a lot of flowers, vegetable gardens or fruit trees, since bees are the main source of pollination for these plants.  This means less flowers, fruits, and vegetables in the long run.

Click here to learn more about the importance of bee pollination.

This fear is not unfounded, since most chemical sprays do effect bee populations in your yards.  However, Mosquito Squad’s barrier spray is an all natural organic product that doesn’t harm or scare away bees.  As a new employee with Mosquito Squad, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about this claim, so the other day I decided to test the product on a grouping of bees that I saw.  I sprayed our fogger on high directly on the bees for at least 15-20 seconds, which is normally overkill for any mosquitoes, flies, ticks, or fleas (which I am trying to kill).  Nothing happened!  They didn’t drop dead, and they didn’t even fly away.  They stayed busy with their work as if nothing had ever happened!

Let’s just say that I am a believer now in the safety of this product for the populations of bees in Athens, Lake Oconee, Aiken, and North Augusta.  If you are a lover of flowers, vegetable gardens, or fruit trees AND want to rid yourself of mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, then Mosquito Squad and our all natural organic product should be your first choice to enhance your outdoor living.

Marc LeDuc